it is december 1st!!!! like the first day of december 2016! to say that this year has gone by so incredibly fast would be the ultimate understatement. its bananas (do people even say bananas anymore???), well, it is. technically it is december 2 because it is the very end of my day, i am tucked into bed and the date and time in the top right corner of my macbook says Fri 1:00AM. 

we are heading into 2017 and i have something to prove... to... well, ME! i am setting out to post one video on both of my channels and one entry on this blog of mine every day for the month of december!!! 

its crazy aggressive, i know. but, i just need to kill the idea of waiting for perfect and just DO. i am not adding any other goals to my list (which tend to get ridiculously long), just that. 

-one video to from syreena, with love.

-one video to faith & love academy.

-one post to this blog of mine.

trading in perfect for done!!!

because i know that this is a crazy aggressive goal, especially for the month of december, i will need to be very protective over my time and bff's with my schedule. my prayer is that i will begin to give more attention to my strengths rather than highlighting my weaknesses and making these little videos of mine really help me to move in that direction. 

my oldest took this photo of me with the big camera and he makes me so crazy happy inside...

of course most of them looked like this one but ah well...

anyways, its crazy late and i need to prepare my mind for tomorrow (so much drama, i know LOL) 

from syreena, with love