it has been 26 days since his 6th birthday I'm i am still trying to figure out how I've been his mother for a whole six years now. i have had the hardest time finding words to express how my heart feels about this child and it has been SO HARD!!! i can find so many beautiful adjectives to help me express how i feel about my oldest and my youngest. but, this child. the words just don't seem measure up. this (in no way) means that i love any one of my babies more than another, it is just that i am having trouble finding the words that embody what this kid means to my world. 


he has been somewhat of a mystery since the day he came into my life. there are so many moments of mothering him that i can remember so clearly. moments that i just couldn't find the words to describe, but they just produce a cushy pause in the depths of my heart. 


i find myself having to surrender a LOT when it comes to parenting this sweet boy. it is pretty safe to say that i have NONE of him figured out and i am ok with that now. 

this year, just like the last year, he requested birthday meals ALL DAY LONG and we had a lot of fun just celebrating our kendall bear turning SIX years old. we brought the camera along throughout the day and you can check out his birthday vlog below. 

i love you, kendall carter, with all the big and small pieces of my heart. i pray that you know that ALWAYS!!!

Happy Birthday Bear

From Mommy, With Love