we packed a few bags and took a walk before lessons yesterday. mommy's favorite season has arrived and it seems that i write about it every year. it is the time of the year things start to slow down and my heart always finds itself in a very open place. open to the change that surrounds me. and, it is different every single year. this year, change is most evident in our homeschool life. in the way we learn and grow together. i've learned to trust HIM and follow HIS leading in our lives more than i have ever before. and it is, most certainly, a result of HIS faithfulness over these last four years. 

planning is one of my struggles in homeschool. it can become such a crutch if i allow it. a major source of frustration and disappointment when i find myself going against the tide in our school days. a lot of yelling and whining! a lot of doubt and defeat. and, none of that is GOD! 

i always thought that plans succeed by the amount of preparation that you put into it. but, i am learning that when i commit to HIS plan for our life and our homeschool, it is HE who prepares both, my heart AND the way. all i really do is submit my plans to HIM!

"commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans." (proverbs 16:3)


today, all of my "plans" are prepared and ready to begin our human body unit. and, instead of prepping the chalk wall and setting out all of the printables and resources i felt led to take a walk! we walked through the trail, they ran and i recorded. they often wandered off and i steered them back onto the path over and over again. it was MY LESSON that HE would always be near me to put my heart right back on the path when i've wandered off a bit. 


the Spirit of the Lord leads our school days. whether they are full of laughter, joy, tears or frustration... HE is here! i've gathered all of our materials for our unit study on the body but i look to HIM to teach us ALL THINGS! "but the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you." (john 14:26)


when the seasons change i hold tight to all the lessons i have learned and look to HIM to help me walk with them in mind. 


again, this is a season on BECOMING. a story of BECOMING exactly who HE meant us to be!

from syreena, with love