apple cider slushies, funnel cakes, roasted corn on the cob and hayrides to the witches house (not scary, just fun :). fall is finally here!!! this year has FLOWN by and OCTOBER has now come and, basically, gone. this past weekend we spent a little time with friends that have become family. i almost missed it... the chance to spend time laughing and making memories with people that we love. because, work tasks and home task can occupy your head space. but, don't let it...


s: your first time trying a funnel cake, i tried giving you small pieces, one at a time. before i knew it you had tiptoed behind me and had eaten the top half of it clean off the plate. LOL. 

im so grateful for friends who love you for YOU! it takes time, but the good ones learn you and you get to be more and more of yourself whenever you are together. that... is when friends become family. so when auntie meek says, "ill watch them so you can go and take pictures" YES LORD... she knows me so very well :)

i took mostly video and love the way the footage from that day turned out. when it is finally published i will edit this post and add it below. i made sure to get all the laughter and as many of your sweet voices as i could. 

the hayride was the BEST. lots of trying to find the "light" for photos and videos and listening to the laughs and squeals at the excitement of it all. there is something so magical about our families being together and the love that has grown between us over the years. 

don't pass up opportunities to spend time with the friends and family that make life brighter. it is the relationships that we invest in and cultivate that bring a greater joy in our lives. so, make time for them. 

make time for making memories with the people that we love.

from mommy, with love