so all of my prepping and planning have led up to this day. our first official day of the human body unit!!!! i made the announcement just before we got started this morning and they looked at me like i had eight heads. "we've been on the human body for a week now mommy" :/ LOL... I love these kids. they accept my crazy, extra, all-over-the-place self and run with it. 


they have been trying to start this BUILD THE HUMAN BODY KIT for weeks now and i wouldn't let them until i was ready (pray for me and my "waiting for perfect conditions" ways). i have been enjoying starting our units off with these "build" kits. i added the link to the kit above HOWEVER, i did NOT pay this price for them. i found ours at our local OLLIES discount store for 4.99!!! 

i am attempting to post as often as possible for the month of november on our homeschool channel and calling it "vlogsgiving". while it seems like a lot to try and post there regularly and here as well, i think i have found a few things that might help. i am really bad at writing in the details and extras in the description box of the videos so i thought i would post a corresponding blog here that lays out the links and any extra details that go along with the video??!?? good idea, right? 


i have mentioned a few thoughts on these build kits in previous videos but i will definitely do a full review once we have made our way through them all. 

while the boys worked together building their human body skeleton, savannah chose to play a few human body apps on her iPad. 


watching them sort through the model and the information was so much fun. they mixed up some of the functions and giggles their way through a few of the body facts. it lasted all morning while we listened to music and i laminated my life away because, thats homeschool :)

from syreena, with love