december, you've been a tough pill to swallow but we are pushing through none-the-less. christmas is literally days away and time is passing by faster than ever. we decorated the schoolroom to christmas music and a tiny dusting of snow just outside of the schoolroom window. lots of cuddles, lots of pjs, days have been cozy and slow.

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memories always seems so wonderful on the outside and I never quite considered the sacrifice that parents might have made to put on joy and peace in the middle of their own storms. but I am able to see things differently now, as a parent myself. I see that it is so very possible for us to choose our responses to life's ups and downs, no matter our feelings of doubt or despair. we've suffered such a great loss this december and we've been flooded with emotion and pain. its not easy. the happiness in our holidays have been replaced with mourning and sadness. yet, we are still charged to consider the PUREST JOY (james 1:2-4)...


the ability to focus in on the good & the beautiful is an incredible blessing that we posses. my camera helps me to do just that, to focus in on the pure, the lovely... all of the things that are admirable and praiseworthy. (phil 4:8) for those are all the things that I want to think on. 

december has been tough so far. but, that is ok. choosing to focus, to fill our days with joy and laughter, to let LOVE lift our spirits and direct our attention towards what is good. this is how we press through with the hope of brighter days ahead. 

from mommy, with love

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