i just did this about 30 days ago. you know, try to find the words to describe how much one of my babies means to me. i am kinda wishing they were born with more space in-between them and that their birthday's weren't back to back. too much, y'all... too much! just 30+ days ago, my youngest baby boy turned SIX. today, my oldest baby boy turns EIGHT!!!!! 

and, when asked if he felt older he says, "yeah, because I'm taller!" LOL

it had been a tough week for me and I forgot to blow up the balloons 🎈🎈🎈to put them in his room that night. so, I blew them up and scattered them around the breakfast table in the morning. but, he noticed 👀. he's the one that notices. he's the one that pays attention to the details. he's the one that appreciates and soaks up the little things. he has such a special heart ❤️. and, i am so blessed to be his mom!

brian picked up this card and a few gifts for his birthday the day before (these few months hit us hard. christmas, kendall's birthday in january, cam's birthday in february, valentines day... its a lot of gift giving!!!) anyways, it was just a card. but he read the words carefully. he thought about what they meant. he dissected the nature of the pop-up inside and spent a good amount of time uncovering how they made the Spider-Man "feel puffy". he carried the card around all day, and then he tucked it in a special corner inside of his nightstand. i study them. as a mother, i have so many flaws, but one thing I do well is study them. it helps me to understand better who they are and who they will grow to be. children are such a gift and a treasure. in the thick of motherhood, i pray that i will always take the time to see it that way.

i am currently editing the vlog from his birthday and once it is uploaded, ill be sure to replace the picture below with a link to the completed video of my baby's EIGHTH birthday :)

happy birthday, my precious boy. 

you made me a MOM and i will be forever grateful for that

from mommy, with love