i was a lot easier on myself this time around. nothing super fancy, very simple, and i didn't overcomplicate anything. i would call that growth, people. first, let me back it up a little bit.

happy valentine's day!!!!

i spent the day loving on my babies and waiting for daddy to come home to open a few valentine's day goodies from his babies. i had to take the kids to a dentist appointment the day before and had a car to run out to the stores for a bit, to find something that daddy might like. 

i've decided that, from now on,  valentine's day is going to be more about daddy in our house. besides birthdays and father's day, the kids are celebrated everyday, and i get a few extra special days for "teacher appreciation" through the year. it seems that daddy could use another day that is all about him!

it took me a solid 25 minutes that get a few good pictures where their "fake smiles" weren't in full effect. and, then i caught this gem below where kendall's dimples were shining in all of their glory! it is my favorite!!!

and, how about this keeper that my big took with the "big" camera. i just love it so very much.

i meant to vlog the whole day but i couldn't find my camera and was so frustrated until i realized that brian had it with him the whole time. (at least he vlogged a little...)

from syreena, with love