it is finally happening! we are cleaning out the garage to make a space for a creative studio. its small. it won't be fancy. but, it will be all ours!!! a couple weeks ago we started cleaning out all the junk and prepping for the walls to be painted. all white walls should brighten up the place and make for a nice backdrop for all of the supplies that will find there homes here. 

it is amazing how much stuff you accumulate through the years. we purge and give and organize OFTEN. still, there is lots of mess. 

I have a very loose and simple idea for how i would like things to be. a space for shooting, a spot for filming, an area for tinkering and plenty of room for painting. basically, just space to create. 

you can watch a quick time-lapse of how things began on our vlog and follow the process throughout the weeks to come!! 

can't wait to add some extra living space to our spring and summer time fun. i am SO open to suggestions of how we can make the space more functional and fun!

From Syreena, With Love