gosh, we woke up to the most magnificent view. so peaceful, beyond what i needed and if i could pick this sweet lake up and transport it home with me, i would. the boys were anxious to get back out the the lake to fish and this sweet girl was bouncing around with joy and excitement, as always. 

it was so cool to see my boys waiting patiently for the fish to bite. and Tio was the best teacher we could have asked for (you know, just next to daddy :)

this kid even looked like he was having the best time he has ever had trying to be quiet LOL. i promise you that his homemade fishing pole was one of the cutest things I've seen lately. and, he laughed his little heart happy with his finger over his mouth demanding me to shhhhhh!!!

^^^ this kid chills like no other. and, i am pretty sure that i would have packed this couch up and brought it home with me if someone told me that i could. ^^^

after we left the lake, we headed off to my mother's house to hang out for a few seconds before leaving to meet with someone super special. it was such a good day. lots of memories made and not much energy left but all worth it. 

from syreena, with love