the big trip that we had planned for our trip to charlotte, was visiting the discovery place : science downtown. it had been recommended quite a few times and after visiting their website and seeing all they had to offer and explore, i was sold. 

the lady baby took a little while to warm up to the place. there were kids all around and she can be quite the territorial one when she wants to be :) but, after a few of the kids cleared some space, she started having all the fun. 

the giant globe on display as we entered... well, it have me at hello!

its so funny how your kids become so interested in the things that make your heart pitter patter. since their mama can't stop talking about adventure and traveling the world, its their thing as well. 

i don't know if is just me, but jellyfish make me feel all magical inside. 

there was just so much for the kids to do. dare i say that it was a bit of an overload? the discovery place is one of those places that you, most certainly, want a membership to. this way, you can break your trips up into sections and focus on a few things at a time. 

and, just when we thought we were all finished, we ended up here...

the thinker space. this place was amazing and my kids were in maker heaven!!! well, all of them but one ;) the little lady was all tuckered out. 

my only regret was getting to this spot far too late in the visit. it was time to wrap things up and this guy was NOT happy about it.

we had such a good time visiting the discovery place: science in charlotte. if only we could have bottled the place up and brought it home with us. that would have been great!!!

p.s. i decided to start leaving any vlogs or videos at the end of each post. this time i vlogged our visit and i also made a quick mini-film of our trip for our homeschool channel. both are below :)

from syreena, with love