i had so many places that i wanted to visit with the kids while we were in charlotte. but, i tried my best to be realistic and be kind to myself, lol. i figured that they had to have pretty nice libraries so i searched for one that we could have a little fun visiting and found imagine: the joe and joan martin center!!!! it was incredible.

seems like we popped in at the best time as we were one of few people that were there that morning. it was great. so much space to check everything out. this library, you guys!

^^^ my gorgeous momma, being patient because the boys got stuck on the magnet wall and she was itching to show them the rest of the place, LOL ^^^

^^^ that magnetic wall i wrote about earlier :) ^^^


there was kid art all around, books at every corner, a giant train, a children's theatre and a playhouse. the next time we visit, we will be sure to check out a showing at the theatre and head to the play house. what a fantastic place.

from syreena, with love