we have been such beach bums lately. taking every chance we get to pack up a few snacks and head to the water. the ocean is such a powerful force. the air brings such clarity, focus, and the hear the kids scream with excitement as the waves crash against their cute little bodies... well, it's priceless. 


we spent the first half of our beach trip with a little photoshoot for TheFallCoKids and then we wrapped things up with the best picnic lunches, lots of sand & the sea :)  although these pictures seem quite peaceful and serene, juggling these tiny models at the beach in the heat was no easy task. i am so grateful that brian's parents volunteered to come along to be our helpers for the day!!! 

spending a little time on the boardwalk brought back memories of when brian and i first started dating. the salt in the air, the fresh seafood and the smell of funnel cakes being powered with sugar just a few feet away. I'm obsessed with the way that the brain stores precious memories. 


the day was EXHAUSTING, left me completely drained but it was perfection! And, we've pretty much settled it. where the ocean is, is where we want to be!

from syreena, with love