where’s your coat? get your shoes! vannah, do you have the books you want to read once we get there? my husband and our three babies just raced out of the door. a monday. on their way to practices. one soccer and the other jujitsu with a baby sister ready to hang out with her daddy for forty-five minutes or so until it’s time to pick everyone up and head back home.

as for me, ive got a quiet house and a pumpkin cupcake candle burning on the tv stand beside me. so, i finally get a chance to sit down and just write.

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“when life gets blurry, adjust your focus.”

this quote defines me right now!

this picture, taken several weeks ago but still so fitting. i traded the blue jean shorts for cozy sweatsuits and fuzzy socks, but the message is spot on. so many things are changing so quickly and I have to remind myself to maintain my focus and be still. between new jobs, new opportunities, really, it can all become a whirlwind of OVERWHELM. I believe there is a bravery in remaining still, a level of courage and fearlessness that’s involved. a sense of security rooted in the ONE who can keep my heart in perfect peace even in the best of storms.

i truly do believe that our current culture of “social” media is an ever present STORM. a storm that is constantly threatening to sweep away your joy, your peace, your contentment… your happiness. the “sweep” is so subtle that it often hits you the hardest when you are expecting it the least. while such spaces have brought so many good things in our lives, it requires so much focus to remain clear about the ways I intend to use such a tool instead of letting the tool use me.

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i’m getting there, slowly but surely. getting more comfortable in defining my boundaries, guarding my heart and protecting my peace but it’s certainly been quite the journey. its really crazy how one quick upward motion can lead to such discontentment and dissatisfaction causing you to bypass your own blessings and shift your focus toward coveting another’s.

we just finished up another read-aloud, “The Wild Robot” by Peter brown. the way they listen as the sound of my voice blankets the air, moving from one paragraph to another… it moves me. holding on to my every word and looking forward to every note of inflection from my voice, they are captivated. it’s undeniable how much of an influence I am in their lives. their mama. if their was ever to be a reason big enough to make maintaining my focus, protecting my peace and anchoring my heart in HIS word it would be that simple fact alone.

In… Jesus straight up SLEPT through the storm. unbothered. un-phased. and when by his disciples he rose up and spoke to it with simple BE STILL. I am convinced that our actions allowed those words to

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to my babies, if you ever find yourself in a place where the …. speak to it. speak to it with your love, with your joy, your peace, paqterince, kindness & goodness, your gentleness and self-control. let your actions SAY SO or else the storm will constantly threatened to consume you.

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