away for work and missing all my babies. i have a full day to myself, snuggled up in blankets in my hotel room, thinking. thinking about… E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G !!! thinking about all of the things that i’ve given my attention for the last several weeks, or even months for that matter. trying to figure out whether or not the things i have given my attention to have moved me closer to the dreams in my heart or further away. trying to take a count of my days and identify the things to keep and the things that must go.


^^^ that pretty little smile gets me every time ^^^

i am finally carving out time to make writing a priority. it is such an important piece of my story and i’ve known this for a while. and yet, things have become so “instant” lately and there is a pressure to “keep up” with others expectations concerning the “quality” and “frequency” of when we share parts of our lives a.k.a “content” nowadays and it is exhausting!!! granting myself permission and practicing the disciplines required to LIVE and to LEARN has been the best thing that has happened to me. and, i am so grateful for the wisdom and the strength that God continuously gives to me to stay true to these very things.


the last month or so, our days have been full of tiny little adventures that let me know that all the things we have been preparing for just might be on the way. part of me really doesn’t want to write these things out. mostly because it often seems that i make the biggest deal out of the smallest of things. but these “small” things are important to me. the way we experience our everyday lives. the gratitude that we express and the ways in which we guard our hearts and minds matter to me.


lately, i’ve had such a strong desire to create healthy boundaries in order to protect the quality of our everyday. boundaries that create a sound platform on top of which being led by the holy spirit is above all else. boundaries that make it clear when we are allowing the voices and demands of others sound louder than HIS. boundaries that allow me to stand strong emotionally, maintain confidence in our homeschool, remain productive in my work and allow my creativity to flourish. boundaries that make it easy to be content in any moment and every breath that i’ve been given to enjoy each tiny adventure w/ them.


i started out by taking breaks from things that i felt tied to. things like posting on our youtube channels at certain times and sharing every victory and moment of defeat for the sake of being “relatable” or “authentic” is something that i fight the urge to do on a daily basis. i love to share and i love navigating this life and making memories with my babies. but, i cherish even more, the wisdom to know when to do so and how to keep the main thing first.


looking through these photos of our tiny adventure just a few weeks ago makes me so happy to continue to stick to the boundaries that i’ve begun to implement for myself and my family. things like limiting screen time, and most importantly creating somewhat of a gate under which i choose to allow/deny the input and opinions of others on my motherhood, our homeschool, our walk of faith and so much more.


i pray that they cherish our adventures together no matter how big or small. i pray that they enjoy the stillness of the everyday just as much as the thrills of the bigger stuff to come.

with all the love,

Syreena BComment