its sunday 🎉 a NEW! fallcofamily film is posted and I wanted to share a few more thoughts on “how to start” in homeschool and in life.

the last few months, ive been working hard on rebranding, updating our websites, making the vision that God placed in my heart very clear, and moving forward its been a pretty big task to add on top of all the other things that I need to keep flowing, but so necessary. we live in a time where it is as easy as a quick upward swiping motion to lead you down a road of comparison and envy. it is harder, now than ever, to stay true to who you were destined to be without conforming to bits and pieces of someone else's destiny.


its not easy. 

we are on a constant quest to discover what God has for our own individual lives and the purpose hand-crafted and customized just for us. and, VISION is the key that opens the door to that journey, in my eyes. being able to see myself, to see ourselves the way that HE intended for us to be “seen”. ive found that it often starts with me then bleeds over into the husband that HE sent me and the beautiful children that HE blessed me with to care for, raise, and love. there is a lot at stake.   


a family of journalist, full-time dreamers & visionaries. a homeschooling family of five loving, living and learning together where life is full of lessons so, #weliveandwelearn🌱

our vision in a nutshell???

   - grow closer as a family

   - learn to follow the footsteps of Jesus + become more like Christ in all that we do

   - expand our vision + increase our exposure

   - create memories

   - live a life of faith + love

   - find joy in our journey



   -write the vision (habakuk 2:2)

   -seek first the kingdom of god … and all these “things” will be added unto you (Matthew 6:33)

   -trust in him with all our hearts and don’t lean on our own understanding. in all of our ways acknowledge him and then he will direct our path. (proverbs 3:5) & lastly…

   -guard our hearts above all else! (proverbs 4:23)

As for specifics on “how to start” homeschool

the good thing is that you’ve already “started”! I truly believe that moms (& dads) make the best kind of teachers and it’s just a matter of acknowledging that you’ve been “teaching” them all along.

-the vision must be clear, so write it down!

what do you want out of this homeschool life? what problem are you looking for it to solve? what goal are you hoping it will help you to reach? write it all out! I chat all about my thoughts on vision and memory-keeping in a fallcofamily podcast 🎙 I shared on our patreon account last month if you are interested in hearing more of my heart on the matter.

-create a plan with your most important things first.

homeschooling can be overwhelming! if you are anything like me, there are sooooo many things that we want to accomplish with our babies and the options seem never-ending. but, I believe that we weren’t made to be excellent multitaskers. we were made to be present. focusing in on what is right in front of us opens the doors to all the good stuff that will come after.

I have come to learn that most people asking “how to start” … may it be learning to read, writing, math, quality family time that may be at a deficit, already have everything they need to simply begin. all of our families are beautifully unique and need different things at any given time. find out what you need to focus on first and make it priority in your day and then let the rest of your plans follow thereafter.

find a set of resources or curriculum that you can begin with. keep things as low cost as possible so that you won’t feel an obligation to stick to something that you find may not be working after a while.

-start working the plan one piece at a time

build confidence by taking things one step at a time. spend the first week working on the first thing on your plan/schedule… like maybe your morning routine. master that part of your day and leave the rest off until the next week. then add in the next part of your day like math or reading. add the structure in slowly to give yourself time to adjust and find a rhythm in each area. this also leaves room for you to celebrate the small stuff before you overwhelm yourself with “too much”.

But, can I be honest?? I’m not very good at this blog post thing. all of these things that I am attempting to write about just don’t seem like they are coming out quite “right”. there is a “heart” to this homeschool life that can be much better “felt” than “told. if that even makes annnyyyyyyy senses, lol.



there is no answer here that will solve all of your problems and crush all of your fears. we are so much better together. my hope is that you will follow along. comment on our post to “start” or “join” a conversation. share our journey with all the people you love who may benefit from what we share. buy a tee to rep the journey and help you press through difficult days. join the club and let’s try and walk through the harder things because you certainly are not alone!

p.s. just make a conscious decision to ignore every run-on sentence, missing punctuation and incomplete thought! I lost all of my footage this week and scrambled to make it “work”. I went to bed at 3am and I just need a little grace today, so thank you in advance :)

with all the love,


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