today marks six months in business for us at TheFALLCo!!!!!! i can't really say that it has been such an amazing journey but what i can say is that it has truly been a labor of love and FULL of lessons learned. what i can say, for sure, is that i am SO glad that we started six months ago and we have the early months behind us and the better ones ahead. 

there has been a lot of designing, sampling, re-sampling, re-designing and all that jazz. the two biggest take aways, after being in business for six months, i would have to say are #1 business takes time and effort #2 just start.... you can't learn unless you start!

from syreena, with love

{theFALLCo. IS HERE...}

i wrote out words of faith on the sidebar of this blog a few years ago. go on... read it again, lol. although it has felt like such a long drawn out process and i often feel like i am "all over the place" documenting these times really has shown me how much HE knows the plan and i don't really need to. when i look back on things that i have written earlier on and see them unfolding right in front of me it gives me comfort in knowing that HIS plan for my life is greater than whatever I can think of. 

our website is LIVE you guys!!!! and i must say that (even with all of the imperfections) there is so much joy in starting and finishing something without glorifying "perfection". all of the website's links should be functional and the basic information is entered. i am pacing myself and the growth of the site/business trusting that things will grow organically, in time. i am so excited!!!!

eeeeeekkkkkkkk.... the bare bones of the site are good enough to release and it is starting to come to life now!!! i ordered all of the designs in both the black on white shirts along with the white on black and they look sooo good. i realize that i have yet to explain completely, what i have been working on but i don't think i ever will. (all at once, at least) i am ready to be willing and obedient as i look to HIM for direction on where to go and what to do next. its not easy. i keep wanting to do my own thing and make my own plans and i constantly have to fight the urge to do things in my own efforts and my own "works". i believe that my first steps were to write out the vision (the parts that i know of), get my designs out and ordered, and start telling a few people. now i am ready to listen for my next steps. faith is such an adventure...

i would love it if you would visit and take a look around. let me know if there are any areas/links that are broken etc. i set up a discount code for our launch!!! enter the code: LAUNCHDAY at checkout to receive 10% off your first order!!!! 

sidetone: i never really know all of whom are reading this blog of mine, but i am sure glad you are. it gives me accountability and really brings a little extra joy to my life to write out small clips from this journey and for that, i am so grateful.

from syreena, with love


"Everyone can tell a story. we do it everyday.... we see hear, read, and tell thousands of stories in our lives. the problem comes in telling a great story. if you want to become a master storyteller, and maybe even get paid to be one, you run up against tremendous obstacles. for one thing, showing the how and why of human life is a monumental job. you have to have a deep and precise understanding of the biggest, most complex subject there is. and then you have to be able to translate your understanding into a story. for most writers, that may be the biggest challenge of all." ~ the anatomy of a story by john truby

i kind of sort I want to be a storyteller. i've always had a big mushy spot in my heart for the art of telling a story. i have something like a billion stories in my head. the stories play in my head by short excerpts. and the challenge is figuring out how to get them out. 

when I was a young girl I was an avid reader, i guess that's not too abnormal considering I was born in the 80s and we were in a time where cell phones were pretty much nonexistent and television was a scheduled nightly thing. when you went to the library to complete book report. reading was the thing to do. it was then that i begin to notice that stories were being told in so many different ways. 

there was an inner excitement in imagining a completed story starting with the words of a writer. then there was the shorter story told through the creatively witty words of a poem. 

the brush strokes of an artist...

the use of textures, paper, pictures and words on the pages of a scrapbook...

the use of depth of field, noise, & backlighting in a photograph...

the combination of music, film, b-roll, and time-lapse in a movie...

so so many ways that a story can be told! now it makes more sense, all those years of scrapbooking i loved so much.  in middle school, being fascinated by the process of developing film in the dark room. when i had my first baby i decided to take photography a tad bit further and started syreena b photography. i LOVED taking photographs, and i still do. but somehow it still doesn't seem like its enough.

i'm not certain if there's a label for what i want to do, or even if it really can be put into a box. lately i've been wanting to try out the area filmmaking/storytelling and i have absolutely no idea if i'll be good at it. but it's most certainly worth a good try

there are so many doubts in my head. doubts that there are ACTUAL filmmakers out there and what would make me think that i would have a story to tell and be able to tell it well? i could go on. but i won't :) its a good thing that i believe that faith will work in my heart even when theres doubt in my head and it is written that HE will bless whatever/everything i put my hands to (deuteronomy 28:8) 

and isn't that really how it should go??? you catch a glimpse of something that sets your heart on fire. you look for people who are doing something like it and are doing it well.
you learn and learn and learn some more, and then you practice and practice and practice some more...

So that's my goal!

At the moment, that's what I'm aspiring to do...

anyway that I can. in every way that I can. my goal is to use what i have to get what i think i want. i don't have to figure it all out. i just have to start, and let HIM shape it into what HE wants it to be. 

to learn how to tell good stories. with words, with songs, with pictures, with film. i kind of, sort of, think i want to be a storyteller. and, i kind of, sort of, guess this would be the beginning...

this should be fun!

also, my hope is that this becomes a space about living fearlessly, pursing purpose and pleasing God <<< remember this syreena

from syreena, with love