"Everyone can tell a story. we do it everyday.... we see hear, read, and tell thousands of stories in our lives. the problem comes in telling a great story. if you want to become a master storyteller, and maybe even get paid to be one, you run up against tremendous obstacles. for one thing, showing the how and why of human life is a monumental job. you have to have a deep and precise understanding of the biggest, most complex subject there is. and then you have to be able to translate your understanding into a story. for most writers, that may be the biggest challenge of all." ~ the anatomy of a story by john truby

i kind of sort I want to be a storyteller. i've always had a big mushy spot in my heart for the art of telling a story. i have something like a billion stories in my head. the stories play in my head by short excerpts. and the challenge is figuring out how to get them out. 

when I was a young girl I was an avid reader, i guess that's not too abnormal considering I was born in the 80s and we were in a time where cell phones were pretty much nonexistent and television was a scheduled nightly thing. when you went to the library to complete book report. reading was the thing to do. it was then that i begin to notice that stories were being told in so many different ways. 

there was an inner excitement in imagining a completed story starting with the words of a writer. then there was the shorter story told through the creatively witty words of a poem. 

the brush strokes of an artist...

the use of textures, paper, pictures and words on the pages of a scrapbook...

the use of depth of field, noise, & backlighting in a photograph...

the combination of music, film, b-roll, and time-lapse in a movie...

so so many ways that a story can be told! now it makes more sense, all those years of scrapbooking i loved so much.  in middle school, being fascinated by the process of developing film in the dark room. when i had my first baby i decided to take photography a tad bit further and started syreena b photography. i LOVED taking photographs, and i still do. but somehow it still doesn't seem like its enough.

i'm not certain if there's a label for what i want to do, or even if it really can be put into a box. lately i've been wanting to try out the area filmmaking/storytelling and i have absolutely no idea if i'll be good at it. but it's most certainly worth a good try

there are so many doubts in my head. doubts that there are ACTUAL filmmakers out there and what would make me think that i would have a story to tell and be able to tell it well? i could go on. but i won't :) its a good thing that i believe that faith will work in my heart even when theres doubt in my head and it is written that HE will bless whatever/everything i put my hands to (deuteronomy 28:8) 

and isn't that really how it should go??? you catch a glimpse of something that sets your heart on fire. you look for people who are doing something like it and are doing it well.
you learn and learn and learn some more, and then you practice and practice and practice some more...

So that's my goal!

At the moment, that's what I'm aspiring to do...

anyway that I can. in every way that I can. my goal is to use what i have to get what i think i want. i don't have to figure it all out. i just have to start, and let HIM shape it into what HE wants it to be. 

to learn how to tell good stories. with words, with songs, with pictures, with film. i kind of, sort of, think i want to be a storyteller. and, i kind of, sort of, guess this would be the beginning...

this should be fun!

also, my hope is that this becomes a space about living fearlessly, pursing purpose and pleasing God <<< remember this syreena

from syreena, with love


it's 10:50pm and we've had a full day of church & relaxing with family. i even got a bit of quiet time to sort through some pictures and video that always hangs lightly over my head to get to. as if sorting through crazy amounts of pictures that i take of our little family daily aren't enough, I've added video footage to the mix!!! it is really kind of insane how much effort it takes to take, sort and edit through pictures and video but i am so happy that i am able to do so. 

for the past couple of months i have been walking around with this pretty little camera of mine not too far behind me.

#1 i try to grab it anytime i have something on my mind and to make sure i catch all of the special little moments and funny times with my crew. its been a lot of fun and probably an even bigger pain up until now.

#2 there was this self inflicted pressure to produce images and footage every day and to complete videos immediately and it was just ways too much! i haven't the slightest idea why i have to make everything so complicated in life but im currently working on that. from now on, i decided that i will take it all one day as a time.... this life as blog/vlog thing :) i figure i can talk myself through my thoughts and daily "to dos" on this little space of mine and get done with my pictures and videos...one at a time. 

#3 and this might be a weird one but seeing myself on camera has really helped me become more comfortable with who i am and what i see looking back at me. there is a very interesting dynamic going on between the media/internet and what your eyes have been trained to see as "beautiful" and what you actually see of yourself (unedited/no filter) and right in front of you. (maybe ill explain more of what I'm trying to say later (its late & im tired ...lol)

#4 the kids are really enjoying having the camera follow them around too. there is just something about seeing themselves in the display that brings on the giggles and funny conversation.

#5 another thing i really have a love/hate relationship with is the video edit. sometimes it takes so long to make it through a days worth of footage. it is so tedious and time consuming. what i have come to like, however, is that recording our days allows me to see myself "outside of myself". it gives me an opportunity to see my reactions and behaviors that went well and the ones that i need to work on. being left to ourselves a lot of the time, makes it easy for bad habits to settle in without anyone really around long enough to lovingly let you know that you may need to change a few things. it really has been a wonderful experience thus far. 

well, with the exception of the many headaches trying to learn to handle such large files, shuffle batteries and sf/cf cards, empty footage etc. 

lets just say its been real...... good LOL

from syreena, with love