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december, you've been a tough pill to swallow but we are pushing through none-the-less. christmas is literally days away and time is passing by faster than ever. we decorated the schoolroom to christmas music and a tiny dusting of snow just outside of the schoolroom window. lots of cuddles, lots of pjs, days have been cozy and slow.

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i'm on day 18 of vlogsgiving and just getting around to posting day NINE. trying to manage so much as a mommy, a wife, a business woman, a friend and falling "short" far too often than not can be SO frustrating. it can also be an incredible reminder of the GRACE we have been GIVEN and the importance of patience with ourselves and with others. it is crazy hard to practice patience with others when you have none with yourself. 

i've yelled at you (my babies) and attempted to dismiss you far too often lately. and, while it makes me feel incredibly guilty and like the world's worst homeschool mom the guilt fixes NOTHING. the reality is that i have been stretched, tested and under a lot of pressure but i ALWAYS have a choice. 

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   you know that felling you get when you head into the day already behind? when you didn't pack lunches and left dishes in the sink? when their clothes weren't laid out and you can't find anything to put on that makes you look like a decent mom??? 

that was today!

i'm pretty certain that the word says whatever you put your hands to will be blessed. (deuteronomy 30:9, deuteronomy 28:8) and, i've been putting my hands to so much lately!!! from homeschooling, designing, to editing films, vlogs, photoshoots and managing our shop. i do believe that we have to explore to discover what HE has for us but, i've been feeling so STRETCHED and spread too thin! and, normally the answer would be that i have taken on too much. although, i haven't felt led to let anything go :/

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