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just after breakfast and before i could start our good morning song (that lets the kids know that school is starting), she had parked herself in her brothers chair and grabbed the human body model that she had been so anxious to get her hands on. i had been eyeing the ANATOMY MODELS BUNDLE SET by LEARNING RESOURCES for a while now and they finally dropped to a price that i was willing to pay ($41.96 at the time). i came across a blog post on studying the human body and fell in love with the HUMAN BODY MODEL that they used in their homeschool. however, i did NOT fall in love with its price. ($103.00) :(

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so all of my prepping and planning have led up to this day. our first official day of the human body unit!!!! i made the announcement just before we got started this morning and they looked at me like i had eight heads. "we've been on the human body for a week now mommy" :/ LOL... I love these kids. they accept my crazy, extra, all-over-the-place self and run with it. 

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we packed a few bags and took a walk before lessons yesterday. mommy's favorite season has arrived and it seems that i write about it every year. it is the time of the year things start to slow down and my heart always finds itself in a very open place. open to the change that surrounds me. and, it is different every single year. this year, change is most evident in our homeschool life. in the way we learn and grow together. i've learned to trust HIM and follow HIS leading in our lives more than i have ever before. and it is, most certainly, a result of HIS faithfulness over these last four years. 

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the big trip that we had planned for our trip to charlotte, was visiting the discovery place : science downtown. it had been recommended quite a few times and after visiting their website and seeing all they had to offer and explore, i was sold. 

the lady baby took a little while to warm up to the place. there were kids all around and she can be quite the territorial one when she wants to be :) but, after a few of the kids cleared some space, she started having all the fun. 

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