our last school year was a difficult one for me as a homeschool mommy. a lot was happening in life (and still kinda is) and homeschool was becoming less and less fun and more and more stressful. that was when i knew that i had to start changing things a bit. i needed more of ME infused into our everyday school routine and i took to my pen and paper to get out some of the ideas i had and needed to so desperately incorporate into our "curriculum" for this coming school year. 

i/we decided that our homeschool youtube channel was the perfect place for me/us to release some of my creativity and grow some things in myself and the kiddies that would benefit us in so many ways. the idea of growing our little channel to become our very own homeschooling network of sorts seemed like such an exciting idea. we would go on to create different "shows" that each of us would host based on the things that we are most interested in/good at. the first show that we started with, hosted by my kendall bear, COOKING WITH KENDALL & THE KIDS!!! 

if you know anything about kendall it is that he is a foodie at heart. he would wear his chef hat and apron to bed if he could and he is constantly mapping out our family menu days ahead of time. i thought that a cooking show would be a perfect fit for my little bear. and, what better meal to start with than PIZZZZZZAAAAA!!!

we actually headed over to nana & pop-pops house to film this "episode" because our kitchen is so dark and difficult to film in. it was so my fun and the kids had such a good time. 

we are really excited about this channel of ours and crazy excited at the thought of all the memories it will house. you can watch our pizza episode below and be sure to subscribe if you want to follow along. what other things would you like to see us make on cooking with kendall & the kids? we would love to know.

from syreena, with love


we're backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. to school, that is. well, we are easing back into school a little bit at a time. i actually scheduled our first day for next monday but the kids said they couldn't wait any longer so i pretty much gave in and said we could start back up..... on a tuesday!!!! LOL. i started off by letting them have there hand at a little art in there notebooks while we listened to a little music. and then we moved on to a little reading scripture to start our day off right. 

i absolutely love how savannah blends her colors and rarely ever leaves any blank space. it makes me so happy to see her grow and develop in every area of life. 

yes kendall often wears his chef hat and apron to "class" and i love it!!! 

after about an hour or so  of tiny lessons, we headed out to the front yard, barefoot, to get a quick "first day of school" pic for the records. 

sometimes it is so hard to believe just how fast they are growing up. 

i think we will be easing back into our school routine over the next week or so. we will be back in the swing of things in no time. :)

from syreena, with love


ok, so... art is life!!! I've been thinking a lot lately about my passions and things that make me incredibly happy inside. I've notice that quite a huge amount of those things are rooted in art. if i could do it all over again, i would definitely have gone to an art school. however, the beautiful thing about it is that running my own school gives me the freedom to incorporate all forms of art wherever i can. and i do. weather it be painting, music, photography, cinematography etc. and they really enjoy it, which is a bonus win for sure. 

some of my favorite times with them are when i just sit supplies/tools in front of them and let them go. we normally put on the word or some of their favorite music and create for hours.

i must admit, the messes normally fluster me in the very beginning and then i manage to calm myself because the messes are what i love so much. there is hardly anything more enjoyable than seeing a paint splattered and dried art studio full of evidence that creativity lives here.

this day happened to start out really shaky. frustration filled the air and the tension was mounting. feeling cluttered and on top of one another, lots of whining and crying took place. 

and yet, with a little word, music and paint... art gave us life! we got our day back.... i adore my little artist.

from syreena, with love


last week we took the babies to baltimore to visit the national aquarium for "ocean week". i have been trying to do a lot better at actually making plans and doing the things i say that i want to do and this was exhibit a. we have been to the adventure aquarium several times and i thought it would be nice to venture out a bit and visit the national aquarium for a little variety. 

^^^ her chubby little fingers tho...love ^^^

my prayer is that family trippin' will become easier and easier the more that we do it. because, let me just be real for 4.4 seconds, i am not the most relaxed and easy going of a person. its a lot to juggle. the packing. the snacks. the messes. the meltdowns. the strollers. the carriers. any sign of having to change plans is just a sent from the devil himself. I'm getting better thou. jesus be a traveling nanny!!!

this trip, however, had a few pleasant surprises. like tia and tio wanting to come along for the ride making our trip SOOO MUCH EASIER than it would have been without them. and the fact that he rides for the cause and was even willing to rock the go pro on the head strap if it really came down to it. (gotta love a brother-in-law with a sense of adventure and teamwork)

^^^ waiting while daddy picked up the tickets, kendall boycotted digital images and made the choice to sport the stank face in every picture...forcing me to simply leave him out all together ^^^

the biggest bummer of them all???!??!? having to leave our stroller behind and carry along this crocodile dundee like carrier because my wonderful husband took BOTH of my carriers out of my car just before the drive. she liked it tho :)

^^^ who knew the lady baby was a photo bomber. anytime baby girl, anytime ^^^

we had just missed the dolphin training session and there wasn't going to be another for another hour or so. sad.

^^^ this guy drowned us in hugs and kisses toward the end of the trip. definitely exactly what i needed after he made me mad as a mug by refusing to walk the entire trip. sorry tio :/ ^^^

a nice little addition to our ocean week festivities. i love our little homeschool.

from syreena, with love