schedule, grace & discipline... this has been motherhood for me as of late. i took the month of january to focus on direction for the year and i am slowly easing back into writing, filming and sharing a few things going on in life lately.  it is about 6 a.m. and still dark outside. there is so much quiet in the house and i am snuggled up on the couch trying to find words to share. i typically write at the end of the night when my energy is spent and my thoughts are pushed out between long blinks and the occasional head nod. this year I wanted to try changing that a bit. to switch things up and try writing in the early morning hours before the day begins. my hope is to be more intentionally about scheduling my time. disciplining myself to use my thoughts and words to steer my days in the direction they should go. basically, writing here will be somewhat of an extension of my prayers. 

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we do this every year, and this year is no different.

every year we pick up a few gingerbread kits and spend an hour or so squeezing out icing and eating all the candies!!! I wanted to build homemade gingerbread houses this year where we bake our own gingerbread and select all of our own candies but the way our december is turning out, we have to go with the flow and flow meant $6 gingerbread house kits from target LOL. 

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december, you've been a tough pill to swallow but we are pushing through none-the-less. christmas is literally days away and time is passing by faster than ever. we decorated the schoolroom to christmas music and a tiny dusting of snow just outside of the schoolroom window. lots of cuddles, lots of pjs, days have been cozy and slow.

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its the last day of november and, just like that fall has slipped away. it is insane how quickly time is passing by and i am trying everything that i can to make it slow down a bit. more hot beverages, more calming music, more quiet time, consolidating errands and FILMING MORE OF THE LITTLE THINGS!!!i knew this was coming, which is why i set out to make more videos and record more memories through vlogsgiving and a few other ways. while i only made it through about half of the vlogsgiving videos that i intended to share, it was good for me so I'm moving onto VLOGMAS now ;)

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