i had been having a particularly difficult day, that monday. nothing too out of the norm had occurred. things were going well with our lessons for the day and the morning was running smoothly but the battle in my mind was just so strong. i started experiencing overwhelming feelings of inadequacy and confusion.  the words...what are you trying to prove? began ringing through my ears. the babies could be in school. you could be using the talents that God gave you. you are letting that all go to waist and for what???? my mind was racing. i tried to quiet the noise and move on with my lessons but i struggled. i made it through to lunch time and took a moment to check my email when i saw a facebook notification from a friend whom i mostly knew through the web. it read....

" Syreena, I just want to encourage your time and effort s you put into your children! I'm just a watching eye admiring your diligence! #beautiful "

encouraging word = just enough to gather the strength to fight another day.

i see my life and the people i meet in beautiful short stories written in preciously bundled paragraphs. and when she went on to contact me and share the slightest little glimmer of light that is her heart for business and desire to express her creativity, she had me at "hey girl". 

im so excited to watch her grow and cultivate the gifts that God has gifted her. and im even more excited that i get to play even a small part in her journey.