and so it seems, these stories of mine just keep getting sweeter. we dashed out after service this sunday afternoon. i wanted to arrive just before them to take a walk around and scout out a tiny little path that we could walk and talk and shoot and laugh. i have seen her several times, in passing, on sunday mornings serving in the church that we call home. never a formal meeting but always a smile and sometimes a hug filled with so much warmth and love. i had never met her sweet daughter but i was most certainly excited to do so this day. we spotted them from a far. and as we walked closer i could hear the shyiest whisper of dainty little lady who didn't fancy the idea of me taking her picture right now. as i got even closer and she turned around to me, she met me with the prettiest little smile i ever did see, the sweetest "hi, how are you" and a great big hug. lets just say, i think i may have won her over. 

i pray that my baby girl is just as sweet as your little angel is. 

from syreena, with love