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the big trip that we had planned for our trip to charlotte, was visiting the discovery place : science downtown. it had been recommended quite a few times and after visiting their website and seeing all they had to offer and explore, i was sold. 

the lady baby took a little while to warm up to the place. there were kids all around and she can be quite the territorial one when she wants to be :) but, after a few of the kids cleared some space, she started having all the fun. 

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i had so many places that i wanted to visit with the kids while we were in charlotte. but, i tried my best to be realistic and be kind to myself, lol. i figured that they had to have pretty nice libraries so i searched for one that we could have a little fun visiting and found imagine: the joe and joan martin center!!!! it was incredible.

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when i found out that we would be visiting my mother last month, i quickly remembered that she lived close-by, i hurried to give her a call and ask if she would be available to meet for the very first time. i had been following her work for years. shortly after i found her, i learned that she was a relative of brian's!!!! we have loved on each other, back and forth, over the years through social media. and, finally... i would get the chance to hug her and gush about her gifts IN PERSON!!!

her name is Vanessa Brantley-Newton and she is a children's book illustrator and an incredible storyteller. basically, my FAV! when i asked if i could bring the kids over to meet her and ask a few questions for our homeschool channel she replied with jubilee even before to answered with any words. 

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